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Lumi is AMAZING! It felt like I was talking to a lifelong friend when she did my astrological birth chart reading which was incredibly accurate when describing my personality, work, career and childhood. She was able to apply words to who I am that brought me such clarity. Lumi is able to explain astrology into layman terms that apply to our everyday lives which is a true gift.   

This kind of information about our higher selves is invaluable and has helped me to live more confidently in my own skin knowing deep down who I truly am and what I'm meant to do in my life. If you're looking for answers about your life and soul's purpose, I highly recommend Lumi!!! 


"Thank you a million times over for the amazing astrology reading, and the most valuable recording you provided for me. Great astrologers are true gems, and with no doubt you are certainly in that category! Chatting with you over zoom felt like we had known each other before and we were like old friends. While explaining my upcoming transits and answering my many questions, you were able to pinpoint instances from my past that had never occurred to me. Your teaching points and astrology perspectives are bullseye right-on regarding my life, and your words are still echoing in my head. I truly enjoyed every minute, you have taught me so much about why things are happening in my life and the patterns that have come before, and the aspects that will come in the near future. Lumi, I am so glad I found you! I loved every second. 1000 STARS and HIGHEST recommendation possible!


"I’ve never been much into astrology before my interaction with Lumi. As soon as she started talking about astrology and planets, I knew that at some point she’s going to be the one to read my birth chart, and that she did. Her intuition and insights are captivating, and her ease on expressing them is very powerful. She makes you feel extremely comfortable on her reading and speaks from the heart. You learn things about yourself that may have been buried deep inside you for a long time, that nobody ever has seen or pointed out before. Her tips and encouragement to pursue your dreams, and live up to your potential is amazing. If you need answers for your journey in this life, book a reading with her!" 


"Lumi's reading will touch your heart, ignite your soul and provide that little spark you didn't even know you needed, to awaken your spiritual self that was there all along. Beyond a beautiful soul I've known for years, she is also a wonderful Intuitive Astrologer that offers guidance and information that is so easy to understand. Lumi's interpretations and explanations of your birth chart will leave you so enlightened. If you've considered getting a reading from Lumi, take that leap and do it. It will be the beginning of a beautiful journey, your incredible manifestation. Lumi, thank you darling. I will be forever thankful that our paths crossed in this life."


"Lumi is absolutely amazing at what she does. My favorite part of my reading was not the heaps of digestible information - but her delivery. She’s extremely approachable and kind. She’s extremely knowledgeable in her craft. Then mix in her beautiful use of intuition that shines through makes for an amazing experience. She explains things in a way that is easy to understand and is very gentle with her words. She made me feel very comfortable when answering questions, and completely enlightened me with new things in my chart that helps give me more focus with some blockages I’m working through. I highly recommend her services and will be back." ️


"What a phenomenal moment I experienced with Lumi. I had the pleasure of having an astrological and tarot reading this week. During the astrological reading of my chart, many important explanations were discussed about my Zodiac sign and how my Natal planets were aligned and placed in the chart patterns. It was fascinating to know what my Sun, Moon and rising signs were. I learned how I was a very concentrated Earth sign. This revelation explained why I had such a love for plants, rocks, and crystals. It all confirmed what I suspected. She clearly explained why. During the reading, many questions were answered about my Angel guides, and spirit guides. We determined that I had many talents to be used during my present and future endeavors. Questions were answered about my current issues and how to deal with my future events foreseen. I highly recommend a reading with her. She really revealed how I could use my inner potentials to manifest my life goals." 


"It's been a few years now since I discovered this generous and kind soul. I truly value her intuitive and insightful interpretations of my birth chart. She does so with such finesse and sensitivity. Astrology, in my opinion, is a great way to help one understand their gifts, personality, the energy lies in one’s life and how they can harness it to better shift and guide their purpose and capabilities. Lumi helps you see and appreciate your strengths and weaknesses in the birth chart, and brings forth a solution that will yield results to your benefit. Lumi offers such clarity and wisdom in her readings by making it accessible as well as illuminating. She is a gift in presence, knowledge and in true service to those who seek her." 


"Lumi is a very gifted astrologer, reader, and intuitive. I found her insights to be remarkably on-target and multi-layered. As someone with more than a passing acquaintance with astrology, I was pleasantly surprised at the edification I received during my hour-long session. She immediately latched on to my intrinsic abilities in the form of creative expression, empathy, and insight. She is adroit not only at her craft, but also in her ability to connect with her clients on a personal level. Anyone considering a reading with Lumi would be well-advised to make the investment in themselves." 



"Lumi is a gifted astrologer and spiritual coach who responsibly and tactfully provides you with the tools you need for introspection and self-growth. Entrusting your soul to someone is a delicate matter, but with Lumi, you can rest assured you've come to the right guide. Her soothing presence makes you feel at ease. Thank you, Lumi, for helping me open my eyes."


"Lumi is a light in my life. She came in at the precise moment and I couldn't be more thankful. I've had various sessions with her due to her soothing and precise predictions. Not only have I had tarot and birth chart readings with her, I've given sessions with her as gifts to at least three other important people in my life, and referred her to many others. I can tell you for a fact that two of the things she's told me in the months I've been seeing her have come to full fruition and it's just incredible that she's seen such come to life! She's also insanely gifted when it comes to dream analysis. If you've been considering consulting with Lumi, think no further. Your heart has guided you to the right place."   


"It's amazing how you knew so many things about me without me even telling you. You truly have the gift of foresight! Thanks to you I feel like I am on the right path of embracing my spiritual destiny, as it's something I have been thinking about for a while! I added black tourmaline, jade, and bloodstone to my shopping list for sure!"


"Lumi's take on reading your birth chart is definitely on another level! I can't stress how accurate and spot on Lumi is in all the information you receive! Lumi's guidance and care to her client's comfort level made the experience all so special! I would highly recommend her services to anyone! Looking to do more work with her in the future!"  


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