"Lumi is a gifted astrologer and spiritual coach who responsibly and tactfully provides you with the tools you need for introspection and self-growth. Entrusting your soul to someone is a delicate matter, but with Lumi, you can rest assured you've come to the right guide. Her soothing presence makes you feel at ease. Thank you, Lumi, for helping me open my eyes."

~Pauline F. 

"Lumi is a light in my life. She came in at the precise moment and I couldn't be more thankful. I've had various sessions with her due to her soothing and precise predictions. Not only have I had tarot and birth chart readings with her, I've given sessions with her as gifts to at least three other important people in my life, and referred her to many others. I can tell you for a fact that two of the things she's told me in the months I've been seeing her have come to full fruition and it's just incredible that she's seen such come to life! She's also insanely gifted when it comes to dream analysis. If you've been considering consulting with Lumi, think no further. Your heart has guided you to the right place."  

~S. F. 

~"It's amazing how you knew so many things about me without me even telling you. You truly have the gift of foresight! Thanks to you I feel like I am on the right path of embracing my spiritual destiny, as it's something I have been thinking about for a while! I added black tourmaline, jade, and bloodstone to my shopping list for sure!"

~Courtney L.

~"Lumi's take on reading your birth chart is definitely on another level! I can't stress how accurate and spot on Lumi is in all the information you receive! Lumi's guidance and care to her client's comfort level made the experience all so special! I would highly recommend her services to anyone! Looking to do more work with her in the future!"  

~Lauren L.

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