Total Solar Eclipse 2020: A New Phase in Which Past Echoes Resound

This is it everyone, the final month of 2020, and I can completely understand how this year was a challenge for so many. We are in the midst of so many shifts approaching, and through astrology, it can be reassuring to know ahead of time this information in order to help keep you steady. We all have the divinely given right to make decisions by the knowledge attained. It can be the tool to help you understand your upcoming patterns. It can also give you clarity and understanding about your current situation.

2020 alone has been a test of strength to so many, and in the end of this year, we see ourselves much differently than ever before. This year alone has ignited our soul awareness, and through connecting to self this has given you more power than you can ever imagine.

The Total Solar Eclipse on the Collective Level

This will call forth for you to establish the changes needed to power up your motivation in your journey. The truth is revealed now, and increased understanding of your past. The inner work performed during the Lunar Eclipse, leads you now in finding the courage and belief in your ability to light the way through your positive example. Investing time in your own empowerment will benefit you. So many in the past has been so immersed in paying attention to the external factors, that we lost our focus of what is important. When you ignite your inner light through healing, this will pave the way for others to follow suit as well. This is the light workers way. Facing your past will clear the way for you to plant a new seed of intention. Down the road, you will realize that the release is necessary in order for you to progress on a soul level. In this case, the South Node Sagittarius story will play out quite a bit of intensity. Even though it is a solar eclipse, it appears that our past will likely trail us, think back from this past year (June 5th Lunar Eclipse). Through realization of your past patterning, there will be an reawakening of oneself and your role in the cosmic tapestry. Go through the process of downloading new information involving beliefs as opposed to falling back into the old thought patterns. Being curious and openminded will be the key.

Looking back upon patterning such as self-righteousness and disregard for others beliefs is the shadow work that the collective needs to take into review. We must look onward to the North Node in Gemini, this is the clue to take to heart. Bring forth a healthier sense of curiosity, and uplift others by cheering on their triumphs. Listen carefully, as the ideas of others may prove useful for your journey.

The following horoscopes cast are for the general collective, and for each astrological sign. These horoscopes casted will be in effect for the next six months leading to the new eclipse cycle late spring of 2021. Through your own free will, make your choices based upon your intuition and discernment. For additional insight, be sure to look at your rising and moon sign for additional clues in how you can work with this Total Solar Eclipse.

As a bonus, the oracle card and crystal recommendation provided for each astrological sign are a wonderful asset to integrate along your journey.

Give yourself the space, time, and patience to review and invite the new. Open your heart and focus inward in order to welcome the flow of healing.


Effects of the Total Solar Eclipse for each Sign


A chance to step into your power by defending your voice in matters. This solar eclipse will power you up to move forward in confidence. Believe in your ability to lead all through your positivity. Chiron has been in your sign for some time and is in retrograde motion, the past pain involving your ability to initiate will likely be highlighted. Be brave and have faith in yourself.

Advice/Oracle Card: New/Waxing Moon

The creative energy within you is waiting to be expressed, and through dream work or journaling, this will activate your untapped energy tenfold.

Crystal Recommendation:

Eye of the Storm Jasper: Set aside a moment to rejuvenate and exercise mindfulness. This crystal is essential to help you quiet the mind and invoke peace while undergoing the flow of incoming changes.


Inner revelation of oneself will be revealed. This solar eclipse will emanate such power within you, and will create the space needed for you to welcome the changes necessary in your life. This solar eclipse may make you question your soul purpose. Although the mundane and stability is ideal in your projective lens, this solar eclipse will beg to differ. Be open minded and invest your time in life review, your soul will be nourished.

Advice/Oracle Card: Daydream

Be sure to designate time and explore your own personal insights. This practice will enable you pinpoint and redefine your next move.

Crystal Recommendation:

Selenite: This gentle, yet powerful crystal will help you invoke your higher self and angelic guides to assist you on your journey to self-awareness.


Love and relationships from your past will be in question. The solar eclipse will establish a new seed of awareness in how you wish to proceed further in regards to relationship patterns. Reflect back and express gratitude in how these past interactions made you the soul you are now. Visualize how you wish

to play out the next chapter of your life. Keep in mind that sometimes the old is needed to dissolve in order to invite better energies in your life.

Advice/Oracle Card: School

Our life on earth is a school or rather a university. This message is meant for you to remember to always take a step back and puzzle in all the pieces of your life experiences. Try to see the overall picture, this will help you gain an understanding about your situation.

Crystal Recommendation:

Graphic Smoky Quartz: This powerful quartz will help you establish rooting as well as instilling personal/relationship boundaries.


There is a shedding of your old ways of being, and this may require detoxification in the health/daily routine sector. Ask yourself if your routine is serving your mind and body for your greatest good at this moment. This solar eclipse will spread awareness of your physical needs, and this may require some TLC. As a caring soul catering to others, this will enable you to recognize the need to designate self-love and honor for your body.

Advice/Oracle Card: Snake

It is time to step forward and recognize the power you carry within you. This will require a shedding of the old ways of how you were before. Embrace this transition and you will soar.

Crystal Recommendation:

Shiva Lingam: A stone of intuitive insight and a vitality booster. This can ease you into transformation and will help you establish a new outlook on your situation.


A calling to your untapped and creative potential will be activated during this solar eclipse. It is time to step forward and start the process. The fire in you is waiting to be expressed, and this may involve a creation that was left behind in the past. Through unleashing your creative self, you may need to invest some time with your children (or inner child). These interactions will empower you with inspiration, and will increase a flow of endless productivity.

Advice/Oracle Card: Stairs

In regards of your future pursuits, take it one step at a time and through intentional planning. This also indicates that you are reaching new heights of awareness in oneself through spirit work.

Crystal Recommendation:

Carnelian: This crystal will instill motivation and energy to future pursuits. The vitality you gain will help you surge ahead with courage.


The home life will undergo review, and this may require you to trace back your ancestral roots. This solar eclipse will create personal awareness involving the patterning that you may be bringing forth in your own family unit. Become the observer in your situation, and ask yourself if you wish to repeat or rewrite. Invoke gratitude from your past experience, and this will create the space needed for the healing to begin.

Advice/Oracle Card:

Dancing: Dance and sway yourself to the rhythms of life. Notice how when you let go, you are able to see a different perspective in your current situation. Through dancing alone, your chakras will become balanced.

Crystal Recommendation:

Halite: This crystal will enable you to see clarity in your ongoing situation. Halite will teach you to take pride and enable confidence in the decision you make.


There is an overflow of energy that is in need to be expressed, and this solar eclipse may inspire you to add more skills in your repetoire. Invest your energy in researching classes that will empower you with confidence. There will likely be immense changes in your daily routine as well as in how you express yourself through these new downloaded insights. This eclipse may involve a need to review relationships with old peers (neighbors/siblings). So, be sure to approach the situation with an open heart, and seek peace and resolution.

Advice/Oracle Card:

Sun: Time to seek the balance within you through integration of your inner masculinity. Seek others perspectives in order to help you see more clarity in your situation. Bathe yourself in sunlight in order to invite the flow of masculine energy, stability, and acceptance.

Crystal Recommendation:

Pink Granite: This stone will enhance your ability to remain firm on your footing in the face of negativity. Also known as, rosophia, this will aid you in letting go of self-doubt and embracing the changes needed in your life.


Your overall value system will be in question, and this may involve a review in your current career situation or a desire for a career change. Hone in on your intuition, and wonder if you wish to play out your life as it is right now. This solar eclipse will spread its light upon remaining openminded and invoking change in your life through action. It is time to now claim your authority and self-worth by honoring your own vision.

Advice/Oracle Card:

Amethyst: It is time to set up a sacred space for yourself to connect to your inner divinity. This will in fact help you lighten the load of your heavy thoughts and will establish hope in your daily life. Honor yourself by quieting the mind.