The Saturn and Jupiter Conjunction: To Rise Above and Invoke the Spirit Within

This is the moment where we will all be questioning the power within ourselves. We will begin to realize the importance of collaboration as well as seeking our inner spark that was left resting due to the archaic conformity of society.

Reflect back and honor yourself for your gathered realization, and inner work that may have been tended to this past year. Even on a subconscious level, so much of yourself has been unearthed this year, and this alone has opened the path necessary for the collective to heal. Everyone has a purpose in the cosmic tapestry, and your role is interweaved into so many around you.

Living your best life filled with joy and purpose is the overall consensus in living consciously. Becoming immersed with happiness and love heals all.

This new flow of air energy will instill newfound inspiration and faith in yourself.

Remain openminded to the ideas of others. New modes of insight will be downloaded through these interactions. Listen carefully and with discernment.

The path is open and your current page is unwritten.

You have the power to write your new chapter in how you see fit. Although this past year may have been filled with doubt and feelings of missed opportunity or setbacks, you have grown so much. The knowledge that you have gained has led you to this moment now, and realize that you have gained more strength than you can ever imagine.

It is time to arise, and see the light within you. There is hope.

Courage and intention will take you further along your journey, and your future vision will clear. Set aside time to seek out the source of connection, your inner divinity, this will hold you steady and provide clarity in your waking life.

Be bold and trust in the unfoldment of your journey!


Key Transit Date

December 21, 2020