Super Full Moon in Virgo

Welcome to Pisces season, and just in time for the moon to be full in the sign of Virgo! The overall fusion of Virgo and Pisces energies is to release the binds of ego, and reclaim your power in means of spreading understanding and compassion. There is a need to address self-love during this full moon transit. Full Moons are all about realizing what you are grateful for, and devising a list of what needs to be released as the moon begins to wane, respectively. The shadow side of Pisces season is drawing yourself in the negative mindset of martyrdom. Help is always around when needed, but one needs to realize that in dire situations that is when the soul undergoes a huge step towards ascension. Be optimistic and try not to fall prey to self-victimization. You have the power to overcome past hurts through your soul experiences. Moving forward, the service-oriented sign, Virgo will bestow us the strength to lay down our excessive pride and begin to understand the importance of working together. This Pisces season will lay the groundwork of looking through the eyes of the world in kindness, empathy, and unconditional love.