Super Blue Blood Lunar Eclipse


Love is in the air, and it's time for fun as this upcoming Lunar Eclipse is illuminating its rays along your romantic sector. With you heart in the state of expansion, you and your beloved will feel a sense of rebirth in your relationship. The longterm plans you have been manifesting with your significant other will take flight. Aries, you will also shine most when surrounded by your friends and/or associates during this transit. You will exude so much optimism that you may even be inspired to spread the love through matchmaking your closest friends.


Strengthening family ties will turn up during this Lunar Eclipse. Nurturing yourself will also be emphasized during this transit, and take heart in healing your inner child of any that may have occurred in your past. Your views of your love life may be entering a new stage, a phase that will involve family expansion. Seek self-fulfillment in your emotional dealings in current relationships, and your motivations will then materialize.


Past perceptions of love will be seen from a whole new perspective during this Lunar Eclipse, Gemini. You will seek to expand your social circles, and this will richen your connections. Work on reflective listening with others. Through self-realization, you can enhance your understanding of the world around you through reading up on meditation, philosophy, taking classes, etc. Through these activities, you will understand the concept of empathy towards your beloved, and will begin to appreciate love in a new light. This Lunar Eclipse will shake up your thought process, perceptions, and beliefs, and take these lessons to heart!


Dealings with financial security may be brought to the forefront for you during this Lunar Eclipse, Cancer. Thoughts of materialism will be seen in a whole new light as you question what you truly value in life. Th idea of love will be seen in a finer point of view for you, and you will seek to deepen the bonds with your beloved in a whole new level of commitment. Thoughts of renewing your relationship status or even stating your devotion to your partner will be the primary theme during this Lunar Eclipse. This newfound discovery will take over the idea of "monetary needs," and you will find that love is the ultimate security blanket for you.


Leo, you are ready to shine in a demure and softer sense. Although you are usually the life of the party, this Lunar Eclipse in your personal sign will bring forth themes of self-discovery and self-care. This transit will shift your perspective in how you wish for others to see who you truly are. Your current relationship will be running at a slower pace, and with all this free time in your hands, you will come to discover new interests that you will take in with open arms. Through this new breakthrough of how you see yourself, you will begin to realize that to love others, you have to love yourself first and foremost. Your relationship(s) will strengthen through this new outlook, and this Lunar Eclipse will aid you in your newfound individuality, and embrace the concept of new beginnings.


An aspect of yourself will need to release during this Lunar Eclipse in order for you to strengthen your ties to others Virgo. To you and your significant other, keep in mind to help one another through emotional needs. Learn to listen, and deliver your promises to one another, and try not to hold back on issues that need addressing. Also, there is a requirement to retreat and seek peace in your emotional breakthroughs during this transit. You are granted the opportunity to realize the the necessity to rest and shift consciousness to care for your wellbeing. Take note of your body's needs, such as learning to breathe effectively, nutritional changes, meditation, yoga etc. Overall, let go of old patterns of thinking and/or lifestyle choices, and you will reap the rewards of this Lunar Eclipse.


Through your natural charms, you will find that during this Lunar Eclipse, networking with others will come very easily. Taking part in serving mankind through charities and/or organizations will be enhanced during this eclipse. Your heart will shine among the collective, and will be inspired to the masses. Your partner will be supportive and inspired through all your goals, and will meant a heightened level of devotion to you because of your self acts. The love you receive will be through your noble deeds, and this act of compassion is a gift this eclipse will grant you Libra.


Seeking a renewed personal destiny will be emphasized during this Lunar Eclipse, Scorpio. Although your aim is to make a mark in the world, you have to shift your focus on what matters most. Your personal relationships with others need to be recognized and balanced with your work life. Career advancement is essential for you at this time, but you may fall prey to cutting off your loved ones because of your ambition. Remember that close connections are vital and forever, and recognize that your loved ones also need to be a part of your legacy.


Naturally, you are open to new thought/philosophies, Sagittarius. During this Lunar Eclipse, the meaning of life may have crossed your mind at one time or another, and this thought process may ascend to the next level through means of education and/or travel to spiritual sites. Even your beloved may be open to receiving the knowledge you wish to share. If you have fallen prey to our materially-obsessed culture, this Lunar Eclipse will bestow the gift of altering this old methodology, and you will begin to receive the gift of contentment. Travel to sites that hold a spiritual significance with your partner, and you will see a whole new perspective on the act of love.


Capricorn, you have been undergoing a series of progressive transformations ever since the start of the new year as Saturn returned to your sign. While on cloud nine for the last few weeks, your relationship with your partners undergone a level of established devotion and commitment. Now during this Lunar Eclipse, you will value the level of honesty and integrity that your partner offers, but you may take this at face value. While there is proven commitment of your partner, you now require financial security during this stage of your relationship. This Lunar Eclipse will help you realize your own values as well as your means of securing yourself independently. This act of self-reliance will help you and your partner find stability as well as share newfound respect of one another.


Relationships are expected to be questioned during this Lunar Eclipse. You have wholeheartedly devoted yourself so much in your dealings with society, dear Aquarius. Often times you love to surround yourself with many people, and exchange never-ending ideas. However, during this Lunar Eclipse, you will discover that your inner circle is top priority. The relationship you have developed with your beloved will undergo a deep level of catharsis in love. You will see your partner in a new light, and realize that as involved you are with the collective, close and personal relationships can grant self-gratification as well.


Pisces, during this Lunar Eclipse, its influence will help you once and for all dedicate yourself in starting a health kick. You may have undergone feeling quite under the weather in recent weeks. This transit will inspire you to take up a new nutritional regimen and/or exercise routine. Through dedication, you may even inspire your significant other to join you as you lead by example. Don't overwhelm yourself by anticipating the end results. This will be the time to help prioritize the mundane aspects in your life, as ordinary as it seems, it is so important to keep your mind, body and spirit in check.

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