Sun square Uranus: Letting Go is Power

Letting go of control will be your true test of strength. Not knowing what lies ahead in your journey may be taking a toll in regards to your security. Abundance can be attained within your grasp. However, the negative mindset may cause roadblocks. These planetary energies in effect today may involve your relationship with money. This may also fall along the lines in your early experiences with finances. Stability will be in question. Try to find the way in embracing the unforeseen. The world is changing all around you, and there may be feelings of uneasiness due to the uncertainty. See the opportunity for you to step into your ability to transmute this feeling into seeking a new outlet. Expand your mind and consciousness. The thoughts you contain within can easily color the environment around you in those particular shades. Be mindful of your thought patterns. Remember to breathe, there is always a silver lining.

Transits- 8-2-2020

Sun square Uranus- Letting go of egoic mind patterns and become adaptable.

Moon opposing Mercury: Quiet the mind and focus in on your future intentions.

Moon conjunct Pluto: Financial security may be in question, there is a reawakening in how you will move forward in regards to your emotional security along the lines of your current vocation.

Moon conjunct Saturn: Be mindful of the negative thought patterns, this may be harboring feelings of resentment involving paternal figures. Move forward and make peace for you.

Mercury opposing Pluto: Hone in on your power of sensitivity for yourself. Calm the inner critic.