Sun opposition Chiron (Breaking free from repetition)

This transit evokes many to address the serious case of owning your authenticity. 

The Sun in Libra is shining its light upon the wounds of Chiron in Aries, respectively. Feeling the need to rebalance is an order, but through an objective view. 

In order to learn from Chiron’s lesson, it will be essential to set aside your ego in order to truly feel the pain. This can sound unnerving, but necessary in order to move past this ache you have been carrying (for some time). Even though tears are viewed as weakness, it is not. Tears are essential to wash away the wounds in order to heal the soul. Mars (the planet that rules Aries) is currently in Virgo, and this planetary/sign combo is defined as fine-tuning your actions. However, reflecting back and replaying your past decisions in a constant loop can delay your healing process. Pride can be your downfall. Silence the inner critic, and see this as a learning experience. The course you have laid out will help you see things from a better perspective, and realize that the lessons learned is what will help you define your true self.