Sun conjunct Uranus

Taurus season, a season known to bring calm and stability amidst the bustling Aries season. It appears that this season in itself is quite the paradox. Uranus has been in the sign of Taurus for the last couple of years and this shaky planet presents a sort of power struggle for the collective to undertake. Now when the Sun joins forces with Uranus, it will be shining its rays more so on the issues around us. Our routine life will be undergoing a dramatic change, a 180 degree turn, which has manifested collectively. For what you have thought was right for you before, needs to be reviewed, respectively. The earth sign Taurus desires comfort and monotony, but with Uranus added to the mix, this will backfire on us. It is time to find the new definition of what comfort actually means. Reinventing yourself or exposing your true self will be your guide to ease you into this new transition. Don’t be afraid of the changes, you will see why this happened in the first place.