Spring 2020 Horoscopes


Gaining momentum and embarking on the path to self-discovery. Chiron being in your sign may create quite a damper on your outlook about the world. These feelings will stir a new passion project, and that is you. If you shift your projection in a positive light the world will also follow suit.


Empowered to change your public image. There is a vigor to your aura this season and you will take on a new role of some sort. Whether on the path to entrepreneurship or your current occupation, you have much more power than you ever thought possible.


Love will be the central theme this season. Since we are to remain indoors due to the pandemic, you can use the internet as your tool. You thrive on technology, and this will open a lot of doors for you in forming new connections. Since you have a wonderful way with words, writing endearing messages will be your newfound forte.


Home and family will be the source of your stamina. The home is your element, and the quarantine protocol may not be a huge let down. You will likely be inspired to look at your ancestry, take on a spiritual practice. Be openminded to the possibilities of the time you are given. Take this moment to recharge and reconnect to your soul.


This season you may feel quite out of your element since you can be a social butterfly. There is a need to wind down and engage the mind through higher wisdom. This can be done through taking online courses that fall under categories such as metaphysics, theology, etc. You may even find a new passion in writing. In time a masterpiece is in the works. Let go and let your creativity run wild.


Future planning is the main premise this season. Reviewing your finances will come along effortlessly for you since you pay close attention to detail. Be sure to set aside time for yourself through retreating. There is a need for self-care, diet and exercise is essential for optimum health. This will help you remain focus. Sound mind, and sound body.


The planet Venus will lighten up your mood this season. Since it is in the sign of Gemini, you will find a little luck in the romantic department. You may have endured quite a bit of a letdown in your past relationships due to Chiron’s influence. Now that we are limited in engaging in public settings, updating that dating app or profile will earn you some potential suitors. You will be seen.


The change in routine may have shaken your world quite a bit financially. Career changes may be in the works. However, staying at home may not affect you at all in a creative sense. You have a love of staying within your own controlled environment, so you may use this time to your advantage. Writing your insights or starting an art project may be your newfound passion.


Transmuting your old beliefs of romance will kick into high gear this season. Understanding love and romance will be your new target this season. Creating connections is a wondrous gift that you behold, however, there is a need to see the practicality in your relationship. Open hearted communication will enable you to get into the heart of the matter. Seek out authenticity.


Metamorphosis in oneself has been an ongoing theme for you for some time. Jupiter and Pluto joined forces and they are capitalizing changes in you as well as the collective. You may have felt this coming for quite a while, and being homeward bound is the newfound solace that is needed from the routine. Taking the time to relax will empower your purpose.


The two power planets Mars and Saturn have joined forces in your sign and you will find a new purpose in your life. Reaching out and helping others comes naturally to you. However, there is a need to address responsibility in oneself. Dreaming big will empower so many around you, but taking the time to measure the steps to your goals will keep you aligned.


Imagination and dreams are your power. The two planets Mercury and Neptune are aligned in your sign and this will help you process your solutions through your dreams. This world emphasizes the importance of logic before creativity, but your insights will be the key ingredient. Let go and believe.

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