Saturn Direct Reimagined

Saturn has just gone direct, and all those layers of complexity and uncertainty will begin to lift. For the last few months, Saturn was in retrograde, and this type of transit awakens the inner critic. The inner critic can keep us in line, however if unmonitored, it places blockages in our beliefs. A part of you may have felt lost and scattered, but the experience itself is what has shaped you to be who you are right now. The more you analyze your choices/relationships in a loving and unconditional perspective, the more you will recognize that these situations were placed there to structure a new outlook. This is all due to the wise sage known as Saturn.

Saturn can be to so many a “stick in the mud” so to speak, but this planet is necessary for all to integrate in their lives. Realigning your inner thoughts and/or actions will provide you a better footing in your ambitions.

In every cycle that circulates, you will begin to realize that your outlook may have changed to your souls benefit. ————————

Wherever Saturn is placed in your personal birthchart, you can seek out the themes/lessons that you are to undergo in this lifetime. Having your chart casted can be very enlightening as well as healing. You can seek out the underlying causes to your limitations (courtesy of Saturn), and use this knowledge to help you break free and reach your goals.