Sagittarius Season: 2020 Overview

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

"I’m in my prime, Optimus/Sagittarius, so you know I’m an optimist..."

-Nikki Minaj

As we venture forth into the year 2021, we can look back to the knowledge that we have attained over the course this very arduous year.

During this upcoming eclipse season, one can feel the air of changes all around, and to start, the Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on Monday will emanate such a light upon past echoes of our own inner voice that is in need to be expressed.

Step forward with grace, and believe in your ability to assert your needs. The Lunar Eclipse generally illuminates the hidden aspects of your own being as well realization in what has to end.

As the year concludes, there will be multiple shifts in the cosmic skies. To start, the Mercury in Sagittarius transit will be placing emphasis on embracing others ideas, and to lighten the reins of imposing past projections.

Before 2020, there was a time where fast paced was regarded as “normal,” but to what end?

Moving forward, there is a need to reflect on what truly matters in our lives. Instant gratification can only take us so far in our journey. The Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius will open the space needed to embrace ideas from multiple outlets. It is time to release preconceived conformity in society. Capitalize on finding the spark within, and this can be found through integrating with others concepts.

The more diversity, the better.

If you look outward to others with compassion and empathy, you are giving the same gift to yourself. To start a new cycle, a great place is to start by clearing yourself from the past. You will begin to see peace in your situation by seeing the light in yourself and others.

As this season progresses, there will be a lightness energetically as Chiron will be stationing directly, and Venus moving into the freedom sign, Sagittarius.

There will be more illumination and purpose in goals as well. The Sagittarius energy alone is all about expansive visualization, and believing in your dreams.

Leading to the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, this will call forth for you to establish the changes needed to power up your motivation in your journey. The truth is revealed now, and your perception of your past.

The inner work performed during the Lunar Eclipse, will lead you towards finding the belief in yourself to light the way in your journey. In this case, the South Node Sagittarius story will play out its intensity. Even though it is a solar eclipse, it appears that the past may trail us. Self-righteousness and disregard for others beliefs is the shadow work the collective needs to take into review.

We must look onward to the North Node in Gemini, this is the clue to take to heart. Bring forth a healthier sense of curiosity and uplift others through cheering on their triumphs. Listen carefully, as the ideas of others may prove useful for your journey.

Aim high, and set a course for your goals once this

Solar Eclipse passes.

In conclusion to Sagittarius Season, the power planets, Jupiter and Saturn will be moving into the humanitarian sign Aquarius. This will mark the start of innovation and research.

As a collective, there will be a surge of inspiration to start contributing for the benefit of mankind. Once this seed is planted, the world will undergo the healing process.

Happy Sagittarius Season to you all!


Upcoming 2020

Key Dates:

November 30th

Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

December 1st

Mercury in Sagittarius

December 14th

Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

December 15th

Venus in Sagittarius

Chiron Stations Direct

December 16th

Saturn in Aquarius

December 19th

Jupiter in Aquarius

December 20th

Mercury in Capricorn


Enlightenment Tools this Sagittarius Season

Chakra: Soul Star Chakra/Gold

About six inches above the Crown Chakra resides the Soul Star Chakra. This is the bridge of awareness of oneself from the Divine standpoint while remaining grounded in our life experience. Through the Soul Star Chakra, deep soul healing can manifest if one invests their time in activating this chakra. It is time to cleanse oneself from past setbacks in order to create the space needed for new energies.

Crystal Recommendation: Carnelian

This crystal will be of true benefit to instill courage and resolve with oneself, and this will require cleansing. As this month requires releasing from the past energies, trust in your ability to step forward with passion and bravery. This stone is very stabilizing and promotes positive life decisions.

Flower Essence: Rose

A sacred and anciently known herb that can instill peace, beauty, and harmony when experiencing changes in our lives. This can also open space to establish understanding with others as well as unconditional love.


“I am grateful for every experience I have ever had as it has shaped me into the person I am today, and that is exactly who I am supposed to be right this very moment.”

-Louise Hay


May the stars be your guiding light