Scorpio Full Moon 2020-Finding the Light within the Darkness

Prepare yourselves for this upcoming Scorpio Full Moon, on May 7th. This is going to be a very cathartic an awakening event for so many. Just by tuning into its energies, you will discover a part of yourself that you never knew. For this year’s Full Moon in Scorpio, it will be delayering our old belief systems. In this case, Pluto will be the power planet that we all have to question. Pluto is the planetary ruler for Scorpio. Since it is now in retrograde for the next several months, the collective will be going through regeneration in value systems. This Full Moon will especially now set the stage for Pluto to be recognized for its power.

We will begin to see beyond the superficial and egocentric types of characters in full lens. Through this realization, you will be given a choice in how you wish to play your part in the long run. This is how intensive this transit can be.

There will be a push and pull of reviewing in our own belief systems, authenticity, and above all, a true test of faith. The only way to cope with this intensity is to transmute it to light. With all of this built-up power, you can spread unconditional love, positivity and kindness.

So now with this information, what do you feel needs regeneration in your life?