Pluto Direct: A time to embark upon the journey to self awareness

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Through all your past hurts, there are blessings among the rubble of defeat. Whenever Pluto is in retrograde, there is a need to release a part of ourselves. How bruised your ego may be, a renewed version of yourself will emerge from the depths. This was necessary for you to uncover your true essence. Perhaps during the last few months (while Pluto was in retrograde), your reawakened spiritual perception has risen from the depths of your psyche. 

Past experiences are giving you the tools to combat your own inner anxieties. Ego itself is born from constant worries and/or insecurities. You will arise stronger than ever before from your knowledge. Your own emotional security has to be balanced through being supportive of others learning experiences. Even for those who have wronged you, they are teachers that were placed in your path in order for you to uncover your potential. Do your best to not give in to the false pretenses of others. The patterns will repeat, and only you can wake up and stop it in its tracks. Once you have discovered your inner strength, you will attract those with the same vision as you. The truth of all matters will reveal itself as long as you honor your heart.