New Moon in Libra opposing Chiron

During this New Moon, we will be revisiting what the Sun has previously addressed in regards to letting go of our egoic wounds. Since the Sun has opposed Chiron just days ago, it is now the Moon’s turn. When it was only the Sun affecting Chiron, the solid layers of pretense among the collective has been called out. The Sun itself has shined its light on this issue, and in result, we have discovered the importance of revealing our genuine selves. 

This New Moon, will help us remember all the lessons we have learned during Chiron in Aries period. Since the running tears, and the racing mind, you may have finally found relief during this brief moment of hardship. Now there is hope, renewal, a new beginning. Through introspection and contemplation of your past lessons, a new seed can be planted. The essential ingredient to our soul’s evolution is Chiron at this time, and through the help of Mars, it will help you break free from patterns with precision. This New Moon in particular, can help you tune into your inner needs with a balanced result. The energy of Libra season alone, can bring solace to your dreams and ambitions. Through your past hardship, there is chance to learn from this experience, and evolve to a much greater version of ourselves.