Mercury Retrograde

It is that time again, Mercury Retrograde, and this time in the sign of Leo. Commonly when Mercury is in retrograde, there is a need to review long term decisions as well as weigh the power of our words in our interactions. In this case, Mercury will be in trine to Chiron in Aries (also in retrograde now), so for the next few weeks, this will awaken many to find the healing needed as well as uncover the source of our old wounds. Since Chiron will also be slowing down in transit, this will give us the grace period to reevaluate our wellbeing through our past. Whether in relationships and/or experiences, this retrograde period will enable us all to experience the importance of recognizing that our past hurts will become the imprint of our soul experience. Through this realization, this will allow us to push through our self-imposed limitations, and discover that we are in control of our fate by choice. Composed by: Steven Halpern 4th Chakra F