Lunar Eclipse 2020: You Hold the Power to Summon Peace Within You.

This Lunar Eclipse will shed some light upon our role in the global collective. It is in the sign of Sagittarius, so we are definitely in for an awakening involving revisiting our past. We will be undergoing an evolution of changes to our old thought process. What we once thought was the norm is out-of-norm. We desire change, but in doing so, we have to try to inspire others to shift perception to the light of humanity. Belief and prayer will call forth your inner light.

It will be in your hands to lead by example, respectively. Mars in Pisces will be in strong square to this eclipse, so there is likely to be strain and strife among the worldwide collective. The source of our anger will involve how to practice patience and unconditionality for all, even from your past trauma. The trauma suffered is regarded, but will you carry it long enough to bring forth eternal sorrow?

There is the planet Neptune that we also need to consider in regards to understanding this global event. Neptune is in the sign of Pisces, the illusionist that brings forth themes of martyrdom as well as spirit awareness. When you have Mars the warrior and Neptune the muse joining forces, this will create a shift of our conscious awareness that may involve joining a cause of some sort or even starting one. Light warriors all around will be called to serve.

Collectively, our main focus is to review the old infrastructures of society. South Node is also in the sign of Sagittarius and this will represent our karma. The dragon’s tail is not necessarily a setback, but a clue to serve us for our future. Look within and honor your past. This is what will instill the changes needed for you to move onward. Jupiter and Pluto will consistently be working together to create dissolution of what doesn’t serve our greater good anymore. However, there is a need to create a safe space. Be present, and measure your actions carefully.

How did we end up here? How do we move forward from here? Will you ignite the peace within you? Those are the type of questions that you will begin to ponder in regards to humanity. In this moment now, you have the choice.

Still your mind. We are in constant motion throughout all of our days, but in this moment, there is a need to be still. Listen. External sources create the fog in your consciousness. The uncertainty may be the source of our fear, but when you practice this mode of mindfulness, this will help you receive the clarity needed in your situation. Practice the art of stillness, it is a gift. In time, you will begin to develop the ability to have faith and trust.