Libra Season 2020

Be the king who has made his own kingdom.
Be the moon that has made her own summit.
How much longer will you coo coo like a pigeon?
Empty your head of all mortal lusts, and become life without breath.
You will not call out for God anymore,
for you have become immersed in God.

It is officially Libra Season. The Libra sign defines the importance of becoming aware of one’s extremes in order to attain the balance needed as the soul progresses. In a higher state of the Scales expression, we can find the spark of beauty in all situations, dark or light. Depending upon your life circumstance, our souls may sway in extreme opposite directions, but the lesson here is to tap into our center in order to find the beauty within.

As we progress through this season, our words can go through harsh intensities, as we venture forth into understanding how to express our authority. The Mars Retrograde transit will add tension and fuel to the fire of our untapped potential as well as resentment. This is all due to frustration from the sluggish movement of the fire planet. Ground yourself and become aware of the alchemy you can create. Alchemy is the act of transmuting matter/thought into another. This can also be the emergence of something phenomenal that you will unearth. The power of visualization can be quite strong all through understanding your own ability to tap into your soul awareness. This is the embodiment and soul of Libra season. What energy do you wish to project?

On October 13th, Mercury will be in retrograde, and words can be very impactful to others, positive or negative. The opposition point between Mercury and Mars this season will bring forth undercurrents of our untapped troubles. This is good in order to clear the air with other. This can also manifest through our own inner thoughts. Create the space needed to balance out your inner frustration. The lesson here is to find your center, and not give in to the erratic nature of these two planets aspecting. Try to kindly silence the inner critic in order to move forward with grace. You will see in time of how much power is in store for you so long as you tap into your soul center.

The planets, Saturn and Pluto will be the power players this season, as they will be forming tension filled aspects to Mercury and Mars as the season continues. In this case, we will be taking on a new role in becoming aware of our actions involving our own ability to lead by example. Raising your voice in order to be heard may prove to be futile. Transforming fury into peaceful silence will be more effective in the long run. This can be done through clearing away the unnecessary figures in your life. Dismiss yourself and seek outlets that will bring forth serenity. Visualize success into your outlook before subjecting into giving away your power. You have the opportunity to bring forth the light and strength through self awareness. You contain the power to shift the course.

Major Transit Dates:


Mercury opposition Mars

Moon square Chiron


Sun opposition Chiron

Mars square Saturn

Moon conjunct Neptune


Aries Full Moon

Moon conjunct Chiron


Moon opposition Mercury


Mercury opposition Uranus


Mars square Pluto


Moon trine Chiron

Sun square Jupiter


Sun opposition Mars

Mercury RX


Sun square Pluto

Moon opposition Chiron


Libra New Moon


Sun square Saturn

Mercury opposition Neptune


Venus trine Jupiter

Mercury opposition Uranus


Venus trine Pluto