Weekly Celestial Insights: What is Happening in the Sky this Week

This is your weekly horoscope for the week of August 10th to August 16th

Monday, August 10th

Moon conjunct Uranus

Mercury square Uranus

Mercury trine Chiron

Seek a means of communication through embracing diverse ideas. Let go of the conformity of what was in order to see the path of what can be.

Tuesday, August 11th

Moon trine Jupiter

Moon sextile Neptune

Moon trine Pluto

Explore the realms of your inner dreams, retreat and rest your resolve. When you see the inner/outer conflict, learn to transmute it to a healing resolution. Feeding the fire will drain your energy.

Wednesday, August 12th (Void of Course Moon)

Moon trine Saturn

Moon in Gemini

See the spark of hope within you and your vision will take flight. Try not to rush the process of your purpose.

Thursday, August 13th

Mars square Pluto

Moon sextile Chiron

Moon sextile Mercury

Moon square Neptune

Echoes of your past will reappear, and there can be unspoken tremors of anger. Release and see who you are right now. Your past is only a fragment of your soul, not its entirety. Be the light in the dark velvet sky. Your dreams will never be lost.

Friday, August 14th

Moon sextile Sun

Moon sextile Mars

Moon transiting Cancer (Void of Course)

The embers of your being have to be aligned within your heart center. Capitalizing upon your heart’s desire will overpower the ego pattern.

Saturday, August 15th

Uranus Retrograde

Moon conjunct Venus

Moon square Chiron

Moon sextile Uranus

Ignite your soul and summon the gift of peace and serenity. It all begins with you. The past pain that you may be feeling at this moment will lead you into awakening your soul awareness. There is opportunity to invite healing into your life. Invoke the help of the Universe, unite.

Sunday, August 16th

Moon opposing Jupiter

Moon trine Neptune

Sun trine Mars

Moon opposing Pluto

Moon square Mars

Venus square Chiron

There will be a new sense of empowerment and hope. A newfound purpose on the horizon. The strife and challenge endured has made you resilient and more aware of your inner strength. Your spirit will always survive the conflict. Your emotional security should be considered, but heightened sensitivity can overpower your mindfulness. Reflect and give thanks to your growing knowledge.

✨May the stars be your guiding light✨