🌕Full Moon in Aquarius🌬 Cut the cords and Carry the Light Amid the Conflict

Freeing yourself from the etheric cords will be highlighted during this Full Moon phase. Aquarius, the freedom sign, is the archetype of innovation and service to humanity. How can you balance your emotions at this moment? For one thing, the Aquarius sign is all about pushing you beyond the comfort zone. The emotions you may have taken into accord during this past Cancer New Moon, may have buried you even further into the emotional drama of others. It may be tempting to stand your ground and raise your voice a bit louder, however, your inner peace and awareness will be your power. Your voice alone is not enough in this situation. Now it is the time to step away from the matter, and find your center. Take a rest from your mind chatter as well as absorbing the emotional negativity of others. There is always a way when stepping away from the storm of others. Through your self-awareness, you will be the one who carries the light for others.  

Upcoming Transit Report:

🌕Full Moon Aquarius🌬: Rise above the conflict to retrieve your soul spark. 

🌊Mercury opposing Saturn: Peaceful actions will raise louder volumes within the conflict. 

🌕Moon sextile Mars💥: Remove yourself from the matter through transmuting pent-up energy to productivity.