Cancer Full Moon 2020: The Void That Invokes Peace and Culmination

As we approach the end of 2020, we can all take a look back, and see how far we have progressed on a soul level. This Full Moon transit may bring forth the need to review our ability to self-nurture as well as reconnect and/or make peace with maternal figures. Although it is a Full Moon, this may also be increasing the need to retreat and rest. Overstressing the desire to fulfill tasks will only add more drawbacks. Invest this time in manifesting your next move, and this can be done through quiet introspection. Bathe yourselves in serenity, this will help bring forth more culmination to your future endeavors. Honor the need to remain void, this will enable you to see your vision with more clarity. Trust and simply be.


Full Moon in Cancer Themes for Each Sign

Aries: Root Chakra, ancestral/womb healing, family planning, stabilizing

Taurus: Throat Chakra, voice, siblings, early childhood, neighbors, mental stimulation

Gemini: Sacral Chakra, confidence, self-worth, building skills, possessions, money

Cancer: Root Chakra: rebirth, self-observation, inner review, physical appearance

Leo: Heart Chakra: meditation, reflection, compassion, karma-dharma, silence

Virgo: Third Eye Chakra: role assignment, friendship, future dreams, organizations

Libra: Solar Plexus Chakra: career, self-empowerment, authority, ambitions

Scorpio: Third Eye chakra, higher mind, education, journey, truths unearthed

Sagittarius: Crown chakra, self-regeneration, resources, investments, metaphysics

Capricorn: Sacral chakra, partnerships, relationship review, commitment

Aquarius: Root Chakra, daily rituals, health, detox, mind-body connection

Pisces: Heart Chakra, children, inner child, romance, creation, play, joy, escapism