An Evolutionary Life Review: The Spring Retrograde Summit of 2020

Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, and Pluto

Time, Passion, Expansion, and Revelation

Retrograde season has emerged, and this is the starting point of our evolutionary process. With all of this time we have been given, it has been a virtual struggle for so many. Time was the one thing we always desired in the past, and we have been given this wish of ours without even realizing its value. For humanity, we struggle with the concept of stopping and reflecting. This is nature’s way of helping you realize that stillness is what may be essential to our soul’s wellbeing.

We can’t even think back to when we had this time in our hands. You may be wondering why I am writing about time instead of retrogrades.

Well, retrogrades are the state of planetary motion that is stalled in order to reflect upon the fragments of our lives. Whether you like it or not, retrogrades are essential to instill growth in our evolutionary process. With our constant need of survival and instant gratification, we have to be reminded to stop and think of our long term needs instead of fleeting desires.

Saturn Retrograde 2020: Finding the Structured Pieces Beneath the Rubble

  • 2020, May 10 to September 29, from 01° Aquarius to 25° Capricorn

The first planet I would like to point out that will be going retrograde is Saturn, which is ironically known as Father Time. This planetary influence has such influence in our needs and wellbeing. Think of this planet as that strict teacher that you grew to appreciate years later. So long as you listen to the priorities that need to be met, you will find yourself shifting from pupil to master at a given time. That tough growth phase you endured is the shining light to your welfare.

Now with this planet going into retrograde, we have to look closely on how it will be affecting the worldwide collective.

For now, Saturn is in the sign of Aquarius, which sets the standard in how we wish to evolve humanity. The role for the collective is to learn to help one another through innovation and perseverance. The backwards motion of the time keeper planet will be leading Saturn back into the sign of Capricorn on July 1st and onward to the remainder of 2020. The collective may begin to experience a bit of routine from what was before, and this can be comforting for many. The normalcy may not ever return from this pandemic, but Saturn returning to Capricorn will give us back the structure we may need in order to learn how to develop the steps to our future goals.

Venus Retrograde 2020: Rediscovering Your Inner Spark

  • 2020, May 13 to June 25 – The retrograde phase lasts from Venus stationary retrograde until the Venus direction station (21° to 5° Gemini).

The nodes have just recently shifted along the Gemini-Sagittarius axis. This in itself will help lighten the load of what humanity has endured. The north node is in Gemini, and this influence will spark the hope for starting fresh in our thinking as well as revamping our old skills into something new. In order to evolve humanity, it all starts with you. Through our being constantly indoors, you may or may not be working. Take this moment and reflect upon what your natural born gifts were when you were a child. This is the key to finding your core self. This nodal shift will be the essential tool to uncovering what was lost.

Now with Venus going into retrograde in the sign of Gemini, we will especially be reviewing our true value systems. What will motivate you? Since Venus is in the same sign as the north node, it will be stationing in this sign for a while, and it will help humanity find their core passions.

Jupiter Retrograde 2020: Finding your Guru

  • Jupiter retrograde 2020 starts on May 14 at 27° Capricorn and ends on September 12 at 17° Capricorn.

Now with the expansion planet, Jupiter, joining the ranks of retrograde planets, it will provide the microscope lens needed in order to transmute our consciousness. Evolving your mindset through philosophical/higher wisdom will bring joy to your wellbeing. This can be a gift that you can use for the greater good. There is a chance that many will be inspired to join groups that will bring forth awareness to the realm of spiritual learning. Reading about the metaphysics, or finding a guru will help you along your journey. Jupiter is in the sign of Capricorn, and since the ruler planet of Capricorn, Saturn, has shifted signs, we will be focusing our concerns upon the wellbeing of humanity. This is such an amazing thing! There will be an increased interest in giving back to the global as well as local community.

However, the collective may at times give or take too much without a concern for themselves or others. In other words, giving to an extreme length or hoarding goods due to fear of the lack in resources. Be mindful of those who may take advantage of your generosity. This may occur in platforms such as online charities or support groups.

The Capricorn sign is all about preservation and maintaining its own dignity, but since the structured planet Saturn moved into the sign of Aquarius, we may not be able to find the middle ground just yet to our own wellbeing.

Pluto Retrograde 2020: The Key to our Inner Revelation

  • 2020, April 25 to October 4 – 24°59′ to 22°29′ Capricorn

The underworld planet Pluto is what has stricken us the most in terms of discovering our true selves. Pluto has been in the sign of Capricorn since November 26, 2008 and will remain until January 20, 2024. The evolutionary process in uncovering the truth in our collective’s authenticity has been on the run for long. Respecting and appreciating Pluto’s role in evolving our society will need to be realized. Pluto sets the stage of decaying what no longer will work for our soul’s benefit. Pluto is often described as a masculine type of energy, however, its influence brought forth the respect needed for the wounded feminine. In a way, the planet has a semblance to the deity, Kali. Pluto breaks down the egoic self and brings forth humility. In this case, Pluto going into retrograde will help humanity come to terms of our soul’s essence through regeneration. It will be a long and steady process of disentangling the mass confusion that conformity has bestowed upon us. Trading in our ego self in order to help and value one another will be the stepping stone to uncovering our inner truth.

Through the knowledge bestowed upon us, we can use it to fully understand and evolve. Astrology for me has been such a valuable tool to me throughout my whole life. It has helped me discover myself as well as having faith in humanity.

This new blog post has been an absolute pleasure for me to write, and I would like to share my evolving knowledge to those who wish to follow me on this journey. There is so much to learn as well as exchange in knowledge, please feel free to comment below or like!

This is the starting point of my Evolutionary Blog Series, please stay tuned for more updates in the near future!

✨May the Stars be Your Guiding Light✨