A Retrograde Symphony

🌌Retrograde Symphony🌌

Hey guys just checking in with you to see how everyone is doing during this Retrograde symphony! Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto are all in Retrograde! The Planetary orchestra are all aligned to help us in our journey towards self reflection, realization, and overall transformation. Let's take a dive and find out how all this will be affecting the collective. . Mars in retro will be placing us on a halt when it comes to long term plans. Although this can be frustrating, it can be taken as a blessing in disguise. Be sure to measure your words carefully as heavy confrontations are on the rise due to Mars' influence. . Jupiter has been going retro for a few months now, and this energy transmutes our old patterns of beliefs and helps us all to take aim in seeking the ultimate truth in our waking life. . Saturn in retro is all about establishing personal boundaries and assessing our responsibilities. Life purpose breakthroughs is most common whenever this planet goes retro. . Neptune is the master of intuition, fantasy, and dreams. Whenever this spiritual planet goes retro, the fog lifts and the truth in matters manifest in its true colors. . Pluto in retro will guide us all to look inward and embrace our shadow selves. Pluto will push us all to seek out what truly motivates us. Power? Control? Money? Assess and discover the root cause of your never-ending needs, and this will help you let go of what no longer serves you. While Pluto is in retrograde for the next few months, we will find ourselves revisiting our old wounds. For whatever you decide to release, your underlying wounds will transmute towards healing and self realization. #astrologyandbeauty #astrologyposts#astrologersofinstagram #astrology#marsretrograde #thecelestialnavigator#cancer #meditate #cancerseason#retrograde #themagicians #dreamsaintjustfordreamers #experience#light #beauty #key #spiritual #crystal#sunshine #love #inspiredaily #heal#horoscopes #loveyourself #modernmystic#magic #dailyhoroscope#writersofinstagram