2021 Astrological Overview For Each Sign

Dear Cosmic Wanderer,

As this new year is underway, we may all be wondering what is in store for the collective as well as ourselves after the trying 2020. The two power planets, Jupiter and Saturn transitioning to the sign of Aquarius in a sense has restored a sense of belief and hope for a new tomorrow. We as the collective, must decide what to do with the information given, and through living in the present moment, that is the key factor to the outcome we all wish to manifest. This inflow of Aquarius energy this year will give so many the ability to tap into our own visualization abilities, and this will help us set future goals with more clarity. The timing may not be as quick as we desire due to the future major squares we are to encounter this year. However, Saturn will teach us all the importance of setting mindful intentions, and this will ensure success in the long run.

In February of this year it will feel much more lighter as there will be a major stellium planets moving into the sign of Aquarius, and this influence will help so many to hold firm with their future visions. Hold steady and remain grounded. Be sure to communicate your needs and learn to collaborate with others.

The eclipses energies has shifted from Capricorn and Cancer too, into more mutable, flexible, and adaptable Gemini and Sagittarius for the remainder of 2020. We will have three eclipse in those signs in 2021, and the start of in a new series, Taurus and Scorpio, when one Lunar Eclipse arrives in Taurus later this year. In 2020, we had quite impactful cycle of six eclipses, and keep in mind eclipse season is meant to instill the changes needed in order to progress your soul to experience growth opportunities and/or adjustments.

2021 at a glance...

There will be fixed sign heavy energy in effect for the next couple of years. In other words, fixed energy is best compared to a sitting vehicle remaining idle on the street. While the motor is running there is no action ensued. This will set the stage for the rise of clashing of ideas, and the old struggling to self-preserve while the new ideologies are approaching. It will likely be a stagnancy for this new seed to sprout to existence, all due to the fixed energy. However, the incoming Aquarius energy will push through ideas among the collective to work together for a collaborative cause. This will be the role that all of us as a collective will start to recognize.

The question is what seeds are we to place in the soil of promise?

Involving our livelihood, this past year (2020) there were earth shattering changes. A sense of reviewing how we are to work in the midst of a pandemic. So many careers are morphing into technology-based energy, and many companies are striving to reinvent in order to remain afloat. The technology age has proven to make its presence known at this time, and the echoes of the Aquarius Age has sounded in our ears. Looking ahead, the old structures of societal hierarchy must dissolve in order to bring forth changes. The water bearer sign involves networking with others as well as technology in order to make this a reality. Working remotely has become the “new norm,” and so many are starting to take value in establishing collaborations in order to gain support.

Advice: Uranus in Taurus without a doubt has birthed new ideas of how we are to start making money. Uranus is the technology planet and in the sign of Taurus (money), this is likely to be the case when it comes to earning. Bitcoin will likely be more mainstream moving forward, so it would be in your best interest to start learning the methodologies of how earnings will be harnessed.

Looking to the family dynamics, it has been changing substantially. Since the pandemic was unleashed in 2020, families were in quarantine together. This either strengthened or broke the bonds. Our sense of individuality has been in question as well. There has been an increased awareness of needing to establish individualism as well as acceptance. This may fall in either cutting the cords of the family lineage or healing the past patterns. There has also been an increased emphasis of humanity investing time in inner healing work due to the “triggers,” that may have been raised from family members and/or partners.

This is all due to the Capricorn stack in 2020.

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in the sign of Capricorn revealed the hierarchical system as well as the need to save face in order to preserve a status/reputation.

These “hierarchal structures”, were very much raised in question, and created the bridge in becoming aware of how separate society can be. Even in our household. Now moving forward to 2021, this inflow of Aquarius energy (Saturn and Jupiter) brings forth a need to establish individuality in order to heal humanity. What makes us different makes us all beautiful as a whole in the collective.

Our family may turn out to be our carefully selected friends as opposed to biological family members. The rise of seeking out like minded individuals may be the central focus this upcoming year.

Honoring diversity in the household is likely the theme. If this is in effect, your household is likely to be sound without conflict. Remain open hearted and receptive to listening and learning from one another.

We all have a piece to receive as well as contribute to the fabric of our learning experience.

Our belief systems in the family unit may no longer be accepted as well. This may be a challenge for conservative/religious households. Once Jupiter goes into Pisces in May, this may bring forth the dogmatic need to imprint beliefs wholeheartedly. This may place strain among the family unit or in partnerships. In this case, we all have to understand that we all have the right to express our beliefs freely without judgement.

Also, there are three outer planets that are at “home” in their own signs this year. One of the power planets, Jupiter, the expander, will be making quite an impact on the collective. To start, Jupiter will be in square to Uranus in January, and these two planets alone may bring forth unexpected changes involving authority. This may instill impatience in oneself and the need to break free from restriction and structure. Impulsive decisions may go into play, so do practice reflection before making major decisions.

Since we know that Jupiter is in the sign of Aquarius in 2021, there will be a small period of when Jupiter enters Pisces in May, and in its own natural sign. This can bring forth a taste of needing to strengthen the connection to the higher realms of thought. Now this can be good, when it comes down to bringing spiritual awareness to oneself.

However, this can set the tone for false “gurus” or “super cults” to step forth and take advantage of others. Jupiter in a negative octave, may expand upon issues of those wanting to exude power and dogmatic ways of thinking. People may be susceptible to fall prey to those with powerful influence. Discernment is SO important, and please remain grounded in your beliefs. This is all due to Neptune being added to the mix with Jupiter. Neptune being in the sign of Pisces does bring forth a need to establish a relationship and connection to the ethers. Through combining in forces with Jupiter, however, it may prove to be over excessive. Grounding is most important.

We may also be more invested in research of spirit and quantum healing in order to treat diseases moving forward.

The energy alone of air and water is very otherworldly, and will likely be our fixated means of establishing innovation (Saturn and Jupiter Aquarius) while integrating the old modes of healing (Neptune in Pisces).

There is A LOT of air and water energy this year, so careful reflection and future planning would be the best course of action to remain centered.

This in combination is ideas and emotions. So, we may be too much involved in our headspace. It would be in our best interests to speak out about what is happening in our thoughts as well as expressing our concerns. Seeking responsible mental health professionals, counselors, coaches, and spiritual advisors would be in our best interest. If left unchecked, the collective may be susceptible to falling prey to the falsehood of others misinformation. Remember, we are in full control of our free-will. Knowing this information would prove to be useful and we can bypass these tough aspects if we are remaining grounded and conscious.


2021 Theme for Each Sign

I have drawn an intuitively guided horoscope for each astrological sign through integrating RUMI'S ORACLE Deck by Alaina Fairchild. Please do take care with the information provided, and know that by your own intuitive self and sense of discernment, you have the power to guide yourself through your own divine freewill. The crystals provided are a recommendation to help you along your journey as well. Also do look at other signs that may be your rising sign and moon sign for additional information.

I hope that you enjoyed this personalized guide, and please do send this newsletter to those who you feel would benefit from this information.

Have a wonderful new year <3

Light and Blessings,





Through all the struggles and strife endured in 2020, the Mars retrograde last year has taught you the lesson in finding grace under pressure in your situation. Now your inner divinity was found during your darkest hour, and the light is now shining in everything you see. Mars is now direct and you have a much clearer view of the life you desire. Jupiter and Saturn in the 11th house of friendships and networks will make you shine and create new and meaningful relationships. The more you open your heart and trust, the more opportunities will knock. The road ahead of you is clear, and 2021 will give you the reins to tap into your dreams.

Crystal: Herkimer Diamond

Clears all and attunes your Third Eye/Crown Chakra. This crystal is very powerful and will instill so much strength, empowerment, and belief in yourself.




Due to the rebellion planet Uranus vacationing in your sign, you may have been questioning many things in your life for the last few years. Stability and physicality are what made sense to you in the past. However, this planet has been switching gears in regards to you visualizing beyond the unknown fore. The power planets Jupiter and Saturn will be in square to Uranus in your sign, and this will place emphasis upon your role in your community. You may be called to action to take part in a great cause in 2021, and have confidence in your ability to lead. Embrace change and you will be rewarded.

Crystal: Mookaite Jasper

Will ease you into the transitions endured, and your Root Chakra will be strengthened.




Be still. Quiet your mind, and see how your life has unfolded at this moment. The void endured in 2020, will create the space needed for you to bring forth your creative promise this year. This eclipse cycle has been creating wonder in regards to your purpose and questioning if it is aligning to your long-term endeavor. 2021 will be setting the stage in regards to your belief systems and how you wish to align your goals in correspondence. Jupiter and Saturn in your 9th house of higher wisdom and schooling will pique your interest involving extensive study in metaphysics or continuing education. This will shift your outlook entirely, and may bring forth prosperity and promise in your career.

Crystal: Charoite

This will keep you inspired and motivated in your future vision. Heart Chakra is supported.




The past echoes of who you were in 2020 is left behind, and the lessons involving your overinvolvement with family and friends may have taken a toll to your overall well being. Take the time and honor your body through rest and introspection. Review your social circles and see if authenticity is present. This year will be shifting the lens in how you are to develop a relationship with yourself, and those who are truly close to you. The test in your resolve to establish boundaries and start caring for yourself will be the primary focus in 2021.

Crystal: Aquamarine

This crystal will help you raise your voice with clarity and positive assertion. The Throat Chakra will be strengthened.




2021 will present a new outlook in terms of projecting your personal power. Saturn and Jupiter will be opposing your sign for the year ahead, and this will present a massive shift in perspective. Saturn will place a restriction in regards to you progressing your personal goals, and this is involving your 7th house of relationships. Partnerships will be in question. However, the true nature of your current relationship(s) will be revealed, and this will be essential to your growth and authenticity. The brakes are required in order for you to carefully review, and as long as you follow suit, things will flow better.

Crystal: Rose Quartz

Your Heart Chakra will endure many shifts this year, and rose quartz will be your best tool to help you stay aligned.




Your level headedness and diligence are inspiring, and last year presented quite a bit of lagging in the realm of romance and creativity. Now this upcoming year, there is an open field of opportunity of action in the career field and daily routines. Jupiter in the 6th house is powering up your energy in achieving your goals. Try not to extend too much by multitasking. Take the time and honor your body through rest and relaxation in order to keep your goals on track soundly. 2021 will be a fantastic time to do manifestation work, as it will give you the chance to ignite your goals, and having a vision board alone will maintain your focus and instill hope.

Crystal: Chrysocolla

This crystal will help you attain inner balance, and will guide you to open your heart to future partnerships.




For the last couple of years, you may have experienced tensions involving your family roots and home life. This energy was essential to clear the way to invite the healing needed for your wellbeing, as well as your family. In 2021, there will be an upsurge of energy needed to push forward your creative ambition. Jupiter is spreading its rays on your 5th house of creativity, children, and romance, and there is luck here in regards to family planning. Saturn in this house will also be shifting the lens in revi