Celestial Coaching Program

Having a single session can be so enlightening, but visualize how much more insightful your life can be if you are given the gift to see beyond.

How can you benefit in having a Celestial Coach?

Through the power of your birth chart, you are given the guide map of your journey. As an Intuitive Astrologer, Lumi will connect with you on a very personal level while tuning into your birth chart. Whether you have plans to start a new project, or if you feel a creative block in your plans involving business planning, personal relationships, and others, involving your personal chart casted, you can super charge your goals through the Celestial Coaching Services.

These coaching services can range from 3, 6, and even a 12 month span. In every session attended, Lumi will handpick auspicious days that can help you turbo charge your goals. 

These one hour recorded scheduled sessions will be held monthly on Zoom (video screen share).

She will provide you astrological as well as divinatory knowledge to help you break through personal challenges, and set you up for success and empower you in full confidence

Imagine also having your very own personalized horoscope delivered right into your inbox?

Lumi, also known as a notable astrology writer for numerous publications will provide you the opportunity in having your transits written sent out every month (see below for this option).

In the Celestial Coaching Program the opportunities are endless, and at a given time, you will see how much progress you have made along the journey just by working with your birth chart. 


With Lumi as your guide, you are likely to experience life in a different light

Celestial Coaching

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(12 Week Celestial Coaching Package)


A short and sweet experience involving your very own personalized horoscopes cast, This option will grant you the opportunity to create short-term goals. You will be given the forecast for limitless potential, and this will be your guiding key to start your journey.   

There is so much wonder in learning about how you can use your cosmic blueprint to shine the way. This package is beneficial for those who wish to integrate the cosmic knowledge aligning to their short-term goals. There is limitless opportunity to see your personalized horoscope in a 12-week span.  

Through assimilation of your birth chart, Lumi will provide you the knowledge to recognize any pivotal transits such as solar/lunar returns, new/full moons, eclipses, as well as retrogrades, and teach you how to navigate through with ease.


Included in this package:

  1. Three Zoom video calls (one 1hr session a month) in order to connect and help you stay on track.

  2. A tarot and/or oracle card reading as the means in having your questions answered.  

  3. Through understanding your needs, Lumi will grant you a personalized crystal prescription to help ground, and align you.  


(26 Week Celestial Coaching Package) 

In half a year so much can be accomplished, so long as you are given the knowledge. Your Divine birthright in the palms of your hands. Think about what you can plan ahead given the right set of tools to guide you. This Celestial Coaching Package will grant you clarity and balance to your long term goals.  


This is a wonderful option to set a course for limitless ventures. Lumi will create the space for you to seek out your long-term goals while involving your birth chart as the guide. 

As an intuitive astrologer, she will assist your needs for 26 weeks. Lumi will lay the groundwork for your vision, and in using your birth chart, this will help shine the way. This will be a very personalized experience as you will receive a weekly horoscope, lunar return, planetary alignments, as well as the knowledge of ingresses (when planets change signs), and how it will work with your natal chart. This knowledge alone will pave the way for you to see through to your goals.


Included in this package:

  1. 6 Zoom video/phone calls (1hr. coaching sessions per month) in order to connect and help you stay on track. 

  2. Through a thorough analysis involving your inquiry, Lumi will grant you a personalized crystal prescription as well as endless resources to help keep you informed and help you navigate your months in ease. 

  3. Tarot and Oracle card layout that covers your progression covering all areas in your life.  




(52 Week Celestial Coaching Package)

Seeking an extended astrological outlet in order to attain your long-term vision will reap a lot of rewards. Using your birth chart, Lumi will seek out your soul signature for the year ahead and help align you to your purpose. This package will help you lay the ground work in seeking an extended scope of auspicious days to reach for your dreams.  


Through choosing this coaching option, you are in for a journey of discovery and a total soul makeover! There will be 52 weekly personalized horoscopes casted by Lumi as well as regularly scheduled check-ins and/or video meetings. Through receiving this empowering coaching option, you will be granted the keys to your limitless potential. 

Through incorporating your birth chart, you will be guided along your journey

by Lumi in order to find the course to your dreams. Like the two options above, she will provide you the map to recognize any pivotal transits such as solar/lunar returns, new/full moons, eclipses, as well as retrogrades, and teach you how to work with all the planetary energies. This is a very transformative option!

Included in this package:

  1. Weekly lunar and planetary transit horoscope via pdf 

  2. 12 Zoom video calls (1hr. coaching sessions each month) in order to connect and help you stay on track.

  3. Through understanding your needs, Lumi will grant you endless knowledge and recommendations each month (books, healing music, crystal prescriptions, and more).  

  4. A tarot and oracle card reading that will cover your progress each month.  


Astrology overall is the study of how the cycles of life manifest through our given free will. Our cosmic blueprint presents the map of our soul potential, as well as the chance for us all to tap into our inner light. 

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