You are a powerful soul who wants to build and thrive in life through harnessing the power of their astrology chart.

Lumi is an experienced Evolutionary Astrologer and Transformation Coach who can help you break free from the obstacles in your life by using your astrology chart. 

Are you ready to ascend your life to the next level?

Having your astrology chart read can be so enlightening, but imagine how much more insightful your life can be if you are given the gift to see through to your long-term goals.

How can you benefit in having a Celestial Coach?

Your cosmic blueprint is the starting point and map of your cosmic journey. As an Intuitive Astrologer and Transformation Coach, Lumi will connect with you on a personal level while tuning into your birth chart. Whether you have plans to start a new project, or if you feel a lack of motivation involving business planning, personal relationships, and others, she will integrate your birth chart as the means of helping you breeze past the blockages.


In Lumi's Celestial Coaching Program, you will be given astrological as well as divinatory knowledge to help you break through personal challenges, and set you up for success an empower you in full confidence. 

These coaching services range from 3, 6, and even a 12 month span. In every session attended, Lumi will handpick auspicious days that can help you turbo charge your goals (career, love, and personal development).

These one hour recorded scheduled sessions will be held monthly on Zoom (video screen share).

In the Celestial Coaching Program the opportunities are endless, and at a given time, you will see how much progress you have made along the journey just by working with your birth chart. 


With Lumi as your astrological guide, you are likely to see life in a different light

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The Prism Plan
The Prism Plan
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Celestial Coaching Plans
Celestial Coaching Plans
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The Infinity Plan
The Infinity Plan
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Questions About Celestial Coaching Services?

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  • The Prism Plan

    Personalized 3 month overview with add ons, $120 in savings
    Valid for 3 months
  • The Alchemical Plan

    Extended forecast with enlightening aspects! $225 in savings
    Valid for 6 months
  • Best Value

    The Infinity Plan

    Perfect to stay focused upon your goals! $480 in savings
    Valid for one year

Disclaimer: All readings are provided for enlightening and empowering purposes only. Astrology is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical disorders. Never make a decision or take a course of action based from the reading. Always weigh your free will choices carefully.