The Magic of Astrology

The opportunity of having your birth chart read will shed light on gifts, capabilities, as well as challenges. In knowing the cosmic language of your own birth chart, it will ignite limitless opportunities of understanding your soul and purpose, also known as "Soul Astrology." Having a personalized experience will speak such loud volumes in terms of problem solving through integration of the cosmos. Through a one-on-one approach, I will help you find the way by your "cosmic blueprint", also known as your birth chart as the guiding key. Astrology has been a prevalent tool to so many souls throughout the years. From the exact time you were born, the planets were synthesized in a unique formation, and this action in itself has laid out the foundation of your life potential.  

Astrology in itself is not set in stone in regards to our fate, it is the study of how the cycles of life will manifest through our divine given free will. Astrology is an unbelievable modality that has the unique ability to show us the way in which we can see life through a different perspective. This knowledge alone can help you pave the path for the life that you desire. Depending upon where you stand in your life, your personalized reading will open the pathways of healing as well as unlocking your inner gifts. 


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Before Booking Your Reading

You will need your Date of Birth, Time, and Location/City of Birth

(located on your birth certificate)

All readings are done remotely through Zoom, and in person readings are not required.

After booking, you will receive an email with an assigned Zoom link. I will dial in at your scheduled time. You may choose to record your reading upon request, also be sure to take notes about how you are feeling during the astrology reading. The experience of having your astrology reading can bring up certain realizations and this may be important to take note for future reference.


My background in Soul Astrology is very multifaceted, and you will find with the necessary tools to help navigate your situation with additional information such as book, crystal, and music recommendations. Upon request at check out, you may request an intuitive/tarot reading, this additional service can be very interactive, and the visuals provided in your spread can be very enlightening

I would kindly recommend having your birth chart reading first if you are a first-time client. Upon request, you may select an extension of the services provided. If so, be sure to express this inquiry in the notes section when booking.    


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Having your birth chart reading is highly recommended as your starting point in your journey! This is such a gift to receive, the cosmic blueprint of your soul. This will be the experience that you will never forget. Understanding your birth chart can be empowering, healing, and impactful. This tool will reveal parts of yourself that may have been buried deep within. You will also see the cycles and patterns that echoed throughout your life. 

Solar Return

This is your birthday reading, and this will reveal the tone of your year ahead. Every year the Sun returns to the same position as the day you were born, only it will tell a slightly different story. This will provide insight as to how your year will evolve. It will disclose the infinite possibilities that you can tap. 

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A cosmic snapshot of the sky and reveal to you what is happening at this moment and why. This will help you better understand the cycles of the planetary bodies and how to utilize their energy systems. 

Election Chart

This is fantastic to cast a chart in accordance to events you wish to plan ahead of time. Think about how the stars can align auspicious events in your life. This can involve business planning, purchasing a home, traveling, wedding dates, investing, and more. For any event, astrology can provide the ease you desire through time cycling, so long as you have the stars on your side.

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Career Guidance

The birth chart can shed so much light upon your purpose. This reading is beneficial for those who would like to seek out a new perspective in regards to their own potentials. Together, we can seek out new pathways that can lead you to your dream career. 


Relationships of all kinds can be healed and understood. Our interaction with others activates different facets of ourselves-both that can be awakened as well as eternally transformed.  

This reading can branch out to relations involving our family members, neighbor, client, boss, friend, lover, and child. 

This service gives you the opportunity to seek out the differences between you and your beloved. This can help you better understand the communication as well as deepen your connection. For ensured accuracy, be sure to provide the exact birth time information before your scheduled session. You and the person of interest can both attend this session, and it can be an overall interactive experience! This will help you tap into each other’s needs by understanding the synergy of your love.

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